I-Dea Idro

I-Dea Idro


The I-Dea Idro can heat the entire house through radiators or other means. It is available in three designs - the Angolo which boasts panoramic view of the flame from 2 sides, the Quadra which has a front facing view of the flame and a rectangular frame and the Frontale which has a front facing view of the flame with a rounded edge, rectangular frame.

The steel frame is available in Black, White and Taupe

The front panel is available in an ivory, rust or wood effect, sanded soapstone, black striped tempered glass, black steel. 

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Dimensions: 114 x 85 x 31cm

Tank capacity: 27kg


Heat output: 5 - 9.1kW

Hourly pellet consumption: 1 - 2kg/hour 


Heat output: 5 - 18.3kW

Hourly pellet consumption: 1 - 3.8kg/hour